Experience in highly integrated critical and complex systems

What describe  the Solutions A is experience in highly integrated and complex critical systems based on aeronautical standards, especially the ARP 4754A and associated DOs.

This makes us alble to help companies implement development processes that meet requiriments with the highest levels of requirements.

A team of experts

Our team is able to find the right size solutions for your needs.

Specific Products

Technologies with a high degree of applicability directed to complex systems.

Trusted Partners

Establishing strategic partnerships is one of the best ways to do more with less.



Training open to the public is available to employees from any organization and is perfect for when your company wants to train two or three people.

Make sure you you are entitled to some discount. It can be in advance, it can be by volume or it can be special. Check it!

A. 5% for registrations made 30 more days prior to training;
B. 10% for registrations made 60 more days prior to training.

Valid for concurrent enrollment of three or more employees from the same organization for the same training.
C. 3rd and 4th enrolled: 5% discount per enrollee;
D. 5th and 6th enrolled: 10% discount per enrollee.

E. 5% for employees of client companies;
F. 10% for the team of clients involved with SOLUTIONS projects;
G. Students contribute R $ 400.00 per day of training to cover operational costs.
– valid student card required;
– limited number of places.

innovation and technology solutions

core business

Know the modalities of service that we have at your disposal. Click MORE and choose the solution most suitable for you and your company.


Each training is designed to help our clients develop the basic skills and understanding they need to offer certified safety or mission critical systems.


To ensure that the software product has the specified quality, it is necessary to use well-founded strategies.





Formal statement issued by anyone with legal or moral credibility and authority.


Our consultants have extensive experience in different types of projects, in public and private organizations.



Our Development Processes will help your company move to another level.

Our professionals dominate both the DEVELOPMENT PROCESSES and the tool  COCKPITIn addition, PROCESSES are constantly updated in accordance with the standards of reference standards.

Medical equipment

Medical Equipment Development Processes (FDA).
The medical device and equipment industry goes through ….

Hardware Complex

Complex Hardware Development Processes (DO 254A)
A process can be seen as an instance of a method with its techniques …

Computational systems

Processes of Development of Computational Systems (DO 297).
The development of increasingly complex computational applications ….

Software (DO 178C)

Software Development Processes (DO 178C).
The process defines the order in which to apply the practices and perform the work so that you achieve a significant engineering result.

Software (MIL-498)

Software Development Processes (MIL-498)
The Department of Defense is a pioneer in defining software development lifecycles.

Software able to capture, track and manage all product development data.

You can fix things at an early stage so that not only the PRODUCT certain products will be developed, but also that each product will work as intended all the time.

Everyone works on the same information. This allows you to provide the right product, avoid costly recall actions and compliance issues, realize your time-to-market goals and realize predictable product and process quality.


Certifying your product from the processes programmed in the Cockpit software can reduce your certification time and cost.



Answer differentiated

What makes us a Differentiated Team is how we work with our customers. For us, problems are an opportunity to use our skills and knowledge to help them be more competitive and achieve their goals faster.

Know our capacity to help you.