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DO-178C Benefits Versus Costs

The above rewrite of Winston Churchill's has some truths: DO-178 is the benefactor, or bane, of avionics projects the world over.  Many users complained of added costs associated with DO-178B, and DO-178C streamlines some of those costs but offsets others with increased rigor.


It covers the development cycle for aircraft and avionics systems. Rarely can one judge a book by its cover or title; however, in this case, the title literally conveys a powerful message: if you are involved with development of aircraft or systems, you should be well versed in ARP-4754A’s.


DO-254 is often called “DO-178C’s Little Brother” and unfortunately it does bear too much resemblance to software. And you all know hardware development is virtually identical to software, surely? Not at all, and therein lies the source of the most significant mistakes with DO-254.


Too often “How to” guides present lofty goals which seem desirable, but at the same time are seemingly unattainable. An unhealthy software development diet is just like a poor nutritional diet: seemingly good tastes can become…

Military Avionics Certification via DO-178 & DO-254

For decades, military organizations have developed hardware and software using a variety of specialized, defense-oriented standards including 2167A, 498…

Quality Assurance for Avionics & Aviation

DO-178C, DO-254, and DO-278A are somewhat “flexible” regarding the manner in which QA processes are defined, scheduled, and performed. 

TSO, TC, STC, and PMA Intro

So you understand that airborne electronics are part of a safe system, and guidelines exist which must be followed during the engineering lifecycle. Now you’re ready to start designing the system.

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